Till Death Do Us Part—Or Not!

When you die, one of the simplest ways of disposing of your remains is by being cremated. Currently, this method is one of the most accessed choices in Canada with about 60 percent of families choosing this option for their loved ones. This is mainly due to cost, as there is a major difference between the cost of cremation and the cost of a full body burial. Cremation can cost between $600, for a simple version, to about $4,500, for a package that includes all the frills and fuss offered by the funeral home. On the other hand, the cheapest range for a full body burial can begin at $3,000 and steadily climb from there to a whopping $15,000 depending on the package that is chosen.

The more pressing question is: what to do with your cremains (ashes) following their release from the funeral home or crematorium. If you are bored with the thought of just sitting on the family mantle for the foreseeable future, then consider these interesting options that can keep you with your loved ones through many generations. 

Keeping the spark alive: diamonds

One way to ensure that you are eternally with your loved ones is by having your remains turned into a diamond. The carbon is removed from your cremains and pressed into synthetic diamonds which can then be used to set into rings, pendants, or any other piece of jewelry of your choice. The process is done through the use of a specialized bit of technology that ensures that the diamond is of good quality.

To make sure your name lives on, you can also have your name, date of birth, and death engraved into the jewelry.

Around and around we go: vinyl records

Another option for your remains is to have them pressed into a vinyl record. For those with a quirky sense of humor, this might be an interesting way to have your last will and testament remembered. Other recordings that could be put on your very own vinyl record are songs that have a sentimental value, personal messages to your loved ones, or just sounds that you loved. This idea would be ideal for those die-hard fans of vinyl records. 

Naturally, you have the option of stamping your label with your personal data on the record for posterity.

It is important to note that the amount of remains available for these ideas is dependent on the state of the bones at the time of death and not on the size, age, or weight of the person. Contact a crematorium, such as Wiebe & Jeske Burial & Cremation Care Providers, for more information.