Resolving Issues With Physical Intimacy Through Relationship Therapy: What You May Discover

Couples can have all kinds of problems as they spend more and more time with each other. Learning how to resolve those problems in an emotionally mature fashion is what keeps the relationship healthy. If there are issues that cannot be resolved, it may be necessary to seek out a professional. When those problems surround physical intimacy issues, then relationship therapy and maybe even sex therapy may be necessary if you want to save your marriage or relationship. Read More 

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist: Understanding The Difference

When it comes to treating your mental health, you will typically need to choose between the services of a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The problem is, if you are like most people, you may not fully understand the difference between these two mental health professionals. Consequently, you may find it quite difficult to select the professional that is able to best meet your particular needs. Understanding the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist can be a bit more difficult than understanding the different roles that other professionals play. Read More 

Considering Couples’ Counseling? Here’s What You Can Expect

Regularly attending couples' counseling sessions can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with your partner. And contrary to popular belief, counseling isn't just for couples that have run into relationship problems. Romantic partners from all walks of life can benefit from professional counseling, but many people shy away from the idea of attending a therapy session because they're not sure what to expect. Get a better idea as to what you can expect during the initial counseling session and beyond, so you and your partner will be more willing to give it a try and feel more confident about the results. Read More 

Till Death Do Us Part—Or Not!

When you die, one of the simplest ways of disposing of your remains is by being cremated. Currently, this method is one of the most accessed choices in Canada with about 60 percent of families choosing this option for their loved ones. This is mainly due to cost, as there is a major difference between the cost of cremation and the cost of a full body burial. Cremation can cost between $600, for a simple version, to about $4,500, for a package that includes all the frills and fuss offered by the funeral home. Read More