In the Community: Woodbridge

When I learned of the impending closure of the Woodridge Child Care Centre in the Bayshore neighbourhood, I wrote Councillor Deans, Chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee to work to find a solution.

Councillor Diane Deans
Chair, Community & Protective Services Committee
City of Ottawa

Dear Diane,

We have an urgent situation in Bay Ward. On August 28 the City of Ottawa is proposing to close the doors on the much needed Woodridge Child Care Centre located in the Bayshore neighbourhood of Bay Ward. This closure is apparently the result of the City’s inability to renew its lease at the current site in an Accora high rise. The City has known of this situation since May, according to Councillor Taylor, and it is only coming to light now.

This is a well-used facility in Bayshore with few alternatives. The loss of licensed childcare here will be problematic for this high-needs community. I am strongly supportive of continuing this much-needed and well-used service by families in Bayshore. As the local trustee I know how valuable childcare is in this community. Parents, primarily women, will not be able to work and support their families without this service.

I am requesting that in your role as Chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee that you bring this matter to your Committee’s attention, so that strategies to either continue this program or find alternatives can be explored. The general public and the Bayshore community in particular need to know why childcare is not being made a top priority for this high needs community.

People in Bayshore need to know what are the possible alternatives, particularly as Councillor Taylor has said (in his response to this situation) that the City has funding available to create child care spaces in high needs areas of the City. Bayshore clearly would qualify for this.

Thank you for considering this time sensitive request.