Statement to City of Ottawa Planning Committee supporting community opposition to the development at Wesley Clover Park

Good morning. My name is Theresa Kavanagh – I am a resident of Belltown and a candidate for City Council in Bay Ward.

I am here to support my community associations and residents in Bay Ward in opposing development in the Greenbelt, in particular the proposal for an outdoor theatre and child care centre in Wesley Clover Park on Corkstown Road in the Greenbelt.
The National Capital Greenbelt is precious to many residents not just in Bay Ward, but across the City. It preserves greenspace and provides important recreational activities and relief from Ottawa’s urban area.

To quote from the NCC Greenbelt Master Plan:

The Greenbelt was conceived as, and continues to be, a tangible expression of the federal government’s desire for a Capital of outstanding character and beauty. The Greenbelt enhances the unique identity of Canada’s Capital Region. As the urban area grows, the Greenbelt’s role in defining, beautifying and conserving nature in the Capital for the benefit of Canadians will continue to grow in importance.

The Greenbelt provides residents of Canada’s Capital Region with many quality-of-life benefits that will continue and are expected to be even more important in a future with more people and increased recreational and economic activities. As the urban matrix evolves and intensifies, the Greenbelt’s significance will increase and become more important to residents and visitors as a place for nature, recreation and agriculture.

This Master Plan needs the commitment of our leaders and citizens, so that the Greenbelt can continue to grace the Capital for the benefit of present and future generations.

I ask that you show this leadership and vote to oppose this development at Wesley Clover Park.