Take Kavanagh In Bay Ward: Endorsement

October 15, 2018 Ken Gray, Bulldog blog

Bay ward is without an incumbent because Councillor Mark Taylor kept his promise to only serve for two terms.

Kudos for him. Some of our current councillors could learn to keep a two-term promise. A pledge is a pledge. If you catch your councillor or mayor lying, that’s a good sign he or she is a bad candidate.

Theresa Kavanagh is a long-distance runner in more ways than slogging through a marathon.

She has been a school board trustee which is good training to step up to city council. She has also been active in community work.

Kavanagh would like the ward to have input into light rail in the community when Phase II is under way. That’s a noble sentiment but this city staff either doesn’t consult with the public, tries to keep the public out of public policy and if it does consult, often doesn’t listen. Participatory democracy in the Mayor Jim Watson years has been nothing but a disaster. Maybe if some like-minded councillors get together, the public will be valued at city hall again. Paying taxes and voting appear not to be enough. It’s democracy for one day every four years. That’s not democracy.

Kavanagh would like to update recreational facilities and the Ron Kolbus centre. She would also like to see the city expand child-care rather than downsize it.

Candidate Erica Dath has been a resident of Bay ward for 10 years and has worked in the financial industry as well as the public service.

Her platform is rather spare but she wants what’s best for the community, particularly improving transit and infrastructure, listening to residents and responding to their needs and using tax dollars responsibly. Her priorities are few but she is well-spoken and forthright.

Don Dransfield is a businessman who would like to work with small enterprises to see them succeed. He also wants to lower Ottawa’s carbon footprint, build green infrastructure and protect the Ottawa River and parks. One would like to see some original thought in a candidate but Dransfield hasn’t a program that has a little magic.

Marc Lugert has been former chair of the Queensway Terrace Community Association and current vice president of the Ottawa Girls Hockey Association. Having a big role in a community association is thankless work and you might get thanks for running a hockey association but there’s lots of volunteer labour involved. Communities would prosper if more people such as Lugert were around.

Lugert wants our first responders to get the tools they need, renew roads and other infrastructure, review city finances and limit infill housing. These are all nice things but most cost money. First responders already use a lot of city funds and you wonder where the money will come from to give them more tools. Also in his platform are lots of things Lugert would like to do but the “how to do it” is missing.

The one appealing part of Lugert’s platform is getting residents some power over their own communities. They are the taxpayers’ neighbourhoods, not those of the tall foreheads on Laurier Avenue.

Candidate Trevor Robinson would like to see adequate infrastruture, a good balance between taxes and needs, sprucing up area parks and better access to Britannia.

It’s too bad some of these candidates weren’t available to run in Cumberland ward where representation is very weak.

The Bulldog likes Kavanagh’s eight years on school board because it provides outstanding training for council. Accordingly The Bulldog endorses Theresa Kavanagh. Marc Lugert is also an option because of his substantial community work and support for empowering communities. Still, Kavanagh gets The Bulldog endorsement.

Take Kavanagh In Bay Ward: Endorsement