The Carlingwood Mall-Sears Story

As I was canvassing in the neighbourhoods around Carlingwood Mall, people were constantly asking me, “What’s going to happen to the empty Sears Store at Carlingwood Mall?” Sears had been the anchor store at Carlingwood for decades but its closure months earlier had left an empty shell, and the community wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I decided to find out. On Monday August 20, I went into the Carlingwood Mall administration office and spoke with the Mall marketing director, who told me straight-up that the Mall had applied for a permit with the City to demolish the structure: it was old and dated, had asbestos, and would be rebuilt to serve new tenants. There was no disclosure about the next steps as negotiations were still ongoing.

I tweeted out this information that day. On Tuesday, I was interviewed by CTV Ottawa on what I had found out. While I appreciate that the Mall has a business decision to make, I emphasized the need to involve the neighbouring community. Check out the interview.

Sears Carlingwood Mall story